Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Wrong Mans...

mans is a hard word to say...
I wanted to share with you a new TV series that I have been watching, because if you aren't watching it, then you're missing out! The main characters are the lovable James Corden, and the hilarious Mathew Baynton. The basic plot is described in the title, two men who have been dragged in to a kidnapping situation after answering a phone call that clearly wasn't meant for them. I don't want to spoil it to much for you, so this is all I am going to say... There has only been two episodes and so far they have been hilarious but I would watch out as some might find it quite jumpy, or even frighting, but I definitely do recommend it. It has been brilliant so far and I can only feel that it is going to get better. If you are interested it's on every Tuesday, on the channel BBC Two at 9pm (straight after Great British Bake Off, again another fantastic show)
I know I've said it once, but I truly do recommend it, if you watch it and enjoy it then don't forget to come back and tell me in the comments! 

I'll have to go now as it starts in ten minutes ;)
Thankyou for reading, have a nice night :)

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